Adductor Tendonitis Information

Adductor MusclesAdductor tendonitis refers to the inflammation of the tendons in the adductor muscles. These muscles include the longus, brevis, pectineus, gracilis, and magnus. They stretch from the pelvis to thigh, and pelvis to the knee – respectively.

This kind of tendonitis is caused by side to side movement, such as strafing sideways, much like a professional linebacker does or a tennis player. In these types of events, an extraordinary amount of stress is placed upon the adductor tendons. Also a common cause of adductor tendonitis is repeated high jumps, which is basically overstretching of the muscles, but it’s not a very common cause.

Symptoms of adductor tendonitis include the inability to stretch the adductor muscles. Some noticeable symptoms are lumps or gaps in the adductor muscles and bruising or swelling. Additionally, you may feel the tightening of your groin muscles and sudden sharp pains around the groin and adductor area.

Simple home treatment is the first and usually only treatment of adductor tendonitis. Simply rest, icing the area that hurts, and over the counter pain relievers is all you need.

If you feel something serious might be wrong, please, immediately consult your doctor.

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