Causes of Tendonitis

Cause of TendonitisThis page looks at the common causes of tendonits.The tendonitis causes information on this page is general because tendonitis in different areas of the body is caused by different things. Generally speaking, the most common cause of tendonitis is overuse closely followed by age.

Here is a good list of causes of tendonitis. Some of these tendonitis causes only apply to certain areas of the body. You can use this causes of tendonitis list to help prevent tendonitis.

Common Causes of Tendonitis:

  • Repetitive strain on the tendon
    Repetitive strain is by far the most common cause of tendonitis. Repetitive strain can come in many forms and from many sources. Tendonitis of the elbow, bicep, shoulder and hand is often developed by individuals that work on factory production lines due to the repetitive nature of the work involved. Sports professionals (like golfers and tennis players) often develop tendonitis from the repetitive movements in their sports.
  • Age related tendon changes
    As the human body gets older the tendons get harder and lose their elasticity. This means that the joint is no longer as free to move and often flexibility is lost. As individuals get older they are much more prone to develop tendonitis. The cause of tendonitis from age is still not fully understood. It's suggested that as the body ages the change in blood vessels effects the tendons.
  • Putting the tendon under too much strain
    This is the leading cause of tendonitis amoungst strength athletes and bodybuilders. Tendonitis is developed when the individual puts the tendon under too much strain without properly warming up or under strain that the tendon simply cannot handle. This tendonitis cause can easily be avoidedby using correct training techniques and exercise form.
  • As a result of injury
    It is not uncommon for tendonitis to develop as a result of another tendon or joint injury. For example, shoulder tendonitis is often developed after a rotator cuff injury and knee tendonitis can be developed after having knee surgery. In these cases tendonitis usually develops because the injury has not completely healed. This cause of tendonitis can easily be avoided by getting sufficient rest for the joint to recover from an injury completely.
  • As a result of another condition
    In some cases diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes may cause tendonitis to occur. These cases are often rare and only occur when the individual puts the tendon under an unusual amount of pressure or strain.
  • Thermal injury to the tendon
    Thermal injury is generall a very uncommon cause of tendonitis. Thermal injury is often experienced by outdoor mountain climbers, rock climbers and hikers. In most cases the affected areas are the hands, wrists, ankles and feet.
  • Anatomical cause of tendonitis
    Anatomy is a rare cause of tendonitis. If the tendon does not have a smooth surface area in which to work against it will often become inflamed and irritated quite easily. In these situations surgery is often required to rectify the problem.

Those are the most common causes of tendonitis. If you have developed tendonitis, you will find that the reason you developed it is one of the points mentioned above.

If you have tendonitis there is plenty of information on this site to help you diagnose, treat and even cure your tendonitis pain. Tendonitis does not have to be a permanent condition. You can find more information by following the links throughout this site.

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