Extensor Tendonitis Information

Extensor tendons to the foot are from the small muscles that are located in the front of the leg. A main extensor muscle is the EHL, Extensor Hallucis Longus muscle, with the other one being the EDL, or Extensor Digitrorum Longus muscle. These muscle tendons go across the front of the ankle, extend along the top of the foot and attach to the big toe in the case of the EHL, and less toes for the EDL.

Your body uses the tendons to pull the foot toward the sky when you walk, and work with the Achilles tendon and calf muscles to pull the foot back toward the ground.

Causes of extensor tendonitis are simply when these tendon muscles are being overworked. A common person to experience extensor tendonitis is an athlete, specifically a soccer player. You can tell if you have it by looking for swelling and inflammation, accompanied by pain.

You can test to see if you have extensor tendonitis by flexing your foot downwards and have something (or someone) provide resistant to the top of your toes on that foot. Then, try to pull the toes upward against the pressure provided. If you encounter any pain along the top of your foot or along the tendon, it’s most likely extensor tendonitis.

Treatment options include calf muscle stretching and oral anti-inflammatory medications. More several cases of extensor tendonitis may include surgery. For long term treatment and some prevention, podiatrists may recommend shoe inserts known as orthotics.

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