Finger Tendonitis Information

Tendonitis is the inflammation and irritation, along with the swelling, of a tendon. A tendon is the fibrous structure that connects the muscle to the bone.

Your finger has two of these tendons. They run along the palm side of your fingers, close to the surface of your skin. These finger tendons are called “flexor tendons.” The longer one of the two, flexor digitorum profundus, attaches to the last bone of your finger – it bends the tip. The shorter tendon, known as flexor digitorum sublimis, bends your fingers’ middle joint.

Symptoms of finger tendonitis include pain while bending, swelling, and the inability to bend one or more of your joints. If you think you have tendonitis in a finger, you can treat it several ways. Beginning treatment for finger tendonitis begins with icing the area. Then, avoid making content with the finger – elevate it. Splint the affected finger or thumb in an extended position for 10-14 days. This should take care of the finger and cure it. If you’d like, you can also check with your doctor to give you medicine for the swelling and pain.

To avoid finger tendonitis in the future, the simple steps of not allowing your finger to jam when playing sports or other activities is crucial. This can be achieved using heavy-duty gloves, much like baseball players wear.

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