Common Tendonitis Symptoms

Tendonitis Symptoms

Tendonitis symptoms may range from a mild pain or irritation to severe pain and discomfort. As tendonitis develops in an area the symptoms get worse. The severity of the tendonitis symptoms is a good indicator of how serious the tendonitis has become. If you recognise the early tendonitis symptoms you will be able to treat it very easily.

Below is a list of common tendonitis symptoms. The list is in order of severity. This means that the early symptoms of tendonitis are on the top of the list. The list is meant to be used as a guide to help you diagnose and treat tendonitis.

Tendonitis Symptoms

  • Pain when the tendon is under pressure
    In most cases this is the first tendonitis symptom to develop. Individuals may feel pain in the tendon when it's under pressure. This pressure could come from lifting weights, playing tennis, jumping, working with your hands or any type of manual job.
  • Movement is restricted
    Individuals may find it hard to move the affected area. For example if the tendonitis has developed in the bicep the individual may not be able to restrict the arm fully.
  • Affected area is painful when moved or touched
    In the first stages of tendonitis pain only usually occurs when the tendons are under pressure. As the tendonitis develops pain will start to occur throughout the day whether the tendon is under pressure or not. The pain will occur when you touch the tendon and move the joint.
  • Burning sensation around the affect area
    in some cases of tendonitis individuals have reported a "burning" sensation coming from the affected area. The burning is felt mostly after exercise or manual labor and in the morning or late at night.
  • Affected area is swollen, red, warm or lumpy
    The tendon sheaths may be visibly swollen from the accumulation of fluid and inflammation. This is a sign that tendonitis has become more serious.

Catch tendonitis early, know the warning signs

Here are 4 tendonitis warning signs that you need to look out for. These are early tendonitis symptoms that are easily recognizable and will help you catch tendonitis early.

  1. Pain, stiffness and swelling in the affected area
  2. Restricted movement without pain
  3. The pain is usually worse at night and in the morning
  4. Pain during and after movements of the affected area

If you catch the tendonitis symptoms early you will be able to treat tendonitis very easily. See the tendonitis treatment section for more details.

Do you need to see a doctor?

If you recognise the tendonitis symptoms early it is unlikely that you will need to visit a doctor. We recommend that you follow the advice on the treatment page. If your tendonitis symptoms do not stop after your treatment attempts we recommend you see a doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will advise you on further treatment options.

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