Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

When you flex or twist the tendons that connect the muscles to the elbow joint, this can cause an injury. This injury is commonly referred to as tennis elbow. Overtime, microscopic tears and rips occur in the overworked tendons, a painful inflammation of the tendons, or tendonitis.

This pain usually can be felt radiating down from the shoulder to the wrist. If you move your or grip something and the pain is aggravated, you most likely have tennis elbow. Most tennis players feel the pain in the outer part of the elbow (when your palm is up). This is due to poor backhand technique, some improper service, or late forehand stroke.

If you're an advanced tennis player and have tennis elbow, you'll feel the pain on the inside part of your elbow. This strain comes from the contact of the tennis ball and racquet on powerful serves.

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