Triceps Tendonitis Information

Triceps tendonitis is simply an instance of tendonitis that occurs in the triceps is a pretty severe condition that can cause you a lot of pain and limit your daily functioning and capabilities of working out.

Your triceps muscle is used to extend and straighten your arm. It's attached to the back of your elbow with a large tendon. A tendon is a strong, tight band of connective tissue. When this tissue, this tendon gets inflamed, it's called triceps tendonitis. You'll begin to feel pain at the back part of your upper arm, near your elbow. Tendonitis of the triceps can occur from both overuse and excessive force, such as throwing, lifting weights, or hammering.

Muscle builders most commonly get triceps tendonitis.

Symptoms of Triceps Tendonitis

Triceps tendonitis can include a variety symptoms. These include pain around the lower part of the back of the arm, as well as pain when you try to strengthen the arm. Pain can also occur when you try to fully bend the arm where you think triceps tendonitis is occurring.

If you see bruising and swelling around the back of your arm, nearby where your elbow is located, that could be another sign of triceps tendonitis. It's important to know that symptoms of triceps tendonitis are recurring, meaning that every time you put an increased amount of strain or pressure on the triceps, you should feel the pain.

Diagnosing Triceps Tendonitis

The only way to diagnose triceps tendonitis is to have it looked at by a reputable, licensed medical professional. A doctor that practices sports medicine would be suitable. While being examined by the doctor, they should take a look at your triceps muscles and possibly take an X-ray. An X-ray is needed to see if any bone has chipped off, causing the tendonitis.

Triceps Tendonitis Exercises

Triceps tendonitis

Treating triceps tendonitis

It can be created in most cases, but in rare cases it cannot be cured. In cases where the triceps tendonitis is really serve, the only way to prevent the pain from occurring is to stop the source of the pain (lifting, etc).

Common treatments for your run of the mill tendonitis include:

  • Ice-pack when resting
  • Brace or a strap that wraps around the lower portion of your triceps, worn during activities that cause the most discomfort or pain. Braces work by alleviating the pressure from the inflamed tendon.
  • Taking Anti-inflammatory medication

If the triceps tendon is ruptured, and not inflamed, surgery is the only available option to you. If you believe you have one of the more severe causes of triceps tendonitis, it's important to get it looked at as soon as possible. The best results from surgery occur when the surgery is performed within 14 days of the tendonitis starting.

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